Activities of Akitsu, Co., Ltd. 『アキツ株式会社の商活動について』

Regarding this matter, Foundation has published a detailed statement here on Apr. 25th. 2017.


“Activities of Akitsu, Co., Ltd.”

We have been made aware that a Japanese company by the name of Akitsu, Co, Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo. Referred as Akitsu) had been operating commercial and fund-raising activities using the product names, names of officers, trademarks, materials, confidential information, and business plan (hereinafter referred to as “Resources”) of Dragonfly Pte. Ltd. (DF) and Tech Bureau, Corp. (TB), without our knowledge and permission. This could have misled some people into believing that the Resources of DF and TB were under the control of Akitsu, when in fact that wasn’t the case.

各所からのご報告やお問い合わせにより、アキツ株式会社(東京都港区、以下「アキツ」)がDragonfly Fintech Pte. Ltd.並びにテックビューロ株式会社(以下「ドラゴンフライとテックビューロ」)の製品名や従業員名、商標、資料、情報並びにビジネスプラン(以下「リソース」)を無断で使用し、商活動及び資金調達活動を実施していたことが判明いたしました。これらの活動により、一部の方々にドラゴンフライとテックビューロのリソースがあたかもアキツの正当な権限によって管理されているかのような誤解がありますが、その様な事実は一切ないことをここに表明させていただきます。

We wish to clarify that at no particular instance have we, DF nor TB, made any commitment to release our Resources nor authorize the usage of our trademarks to Akitsu.


Although our former officer was involved in Akitsu, we again wish to clarify that DF and TB have no capital ties nor any sort of relation whatsoever with Akitsu.


Based on official information, Akitsu was established on Jan. 8th. 2016 and was dissolved on Feb. 2nd. 2016, after it was brought to our knowledge. The founders of Akitsu have since incorporated a new company by the name of Soramitsu Co., Ltd (Soramitsu) on Feb. 5th., immediately after dissolving Akitsu, and with the same address as the former Akitsu. Again, DF and TB wish to reiterate that we have no relationship with Soramitsu.


Both DF and TB have been investigating the above matter, and have sufficient evidence to suggest that there was possibly a breach of confidentiality, misinformation, or misfeasance. We shall continue to investigate and gather more evidence.

We apologize that we had to make a such statement since this matter has caused considerable misunderstandings and misinformation to our investors and customers. TB and DF are moving forward and doing our effort in solidarity to be a part of fintech revolution utilizing blockchain technology.


DragonFly Fintech Pte. Ltd. CEO Lon Wong
Tech Bureau, Corp. CEO Takao Asayama

ドラゴンフライフィンテック CEO Lon Wong
テックビューロ株式会社 代表取締役 朝山貴生

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