Tech Bureau Employees Granted 30% Raise in Cryptocurrencies or Tokens

Tech Bureau Employees Granted 30% Raise in Cryptocurrencies or Tokens

To accelerate the uptake of cryptocurrencies and tokens, increase literacy among employees


TOKYO – December 27, 2017 — Tech Bureau Group, a Crypto-Fintech Lab out of Japan, announced today that it is granting to all its executive officers and employees in a new incentive plan,* an additional 30% of salary in cryptocurrency or tokens that are traded on Tech Bureau’s cryptocurrency exchange Zaif. The Zaif exchange currently deals in five cryptocurrencies and 10 tokens from among which the supplemental compensation will be chosen.

  • The new incentive plan, which has been added to Tech Bureau’s annual salary system, takes effect immediately with December 2017 salaries.
  • Based on the company’s portfolio, the choice of cryptocurrency and/or tokens to be distributed will be made.
  • All Tech Bureau executive officers and employees who have worked at the company a minimum of three months are eligible.
  • Before receiving grants, all executive officers and employees are required to sign a contract acknowledging and agreeing to taxation requirements and obligations.
  • The exchange rate will be fixed on the day before distribution based on the last month’s average price.
  • An amount of cryptocurrency and/or a number of tokens equivalent to 30% of monthly salary will be distributed monthly to each employee’s registered Zaif account on an equal basis with the exception of those whose performance is not in accordance with their employee contracts.
  • No tokens granted will be in lock-up.


“We have been preparing for the blossoming of the token economy for two years. Since the market has finally started to grow, it is time for the employees to be more strongly aligned with the group company’s motivations and goal. This incentive plan is one method to bring them together and the main reason for its introduction. The Tech Bureau Group, as a market system operations company, also has a strong commitment to maintaining a high level of compliance with regulations. In these ways, we will continue contributing to the expansion of the token economy.” said Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau Group.



In Japan, an estimated 1 million people use cryptocurrencies and/or tokens and the number is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming year, 2018. Tech Bureau’s Zaif, Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of number of currencies authorized by Japan’s Financial Services Agency, deals with a total of 15 different cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Tech Bureau also provides an integrated ICO platform, COMSA, which is not only highly respected in Japan but also recognized around the world. COMSA leverages blockchain technology, validating the arrival of the token economy with its first token sale that succeeded in raising 95.6 million USD in funds, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency fundraisings in the world.

* The incentive plan may be terminated with prior notice in response to Tech Bureau’s business performance or management’s decision.


About Tech Bureau Group

Tech Bureau, a fintech and cryptocurrency group company in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, develops software and services for blockchain technology. Tech Bureau has developed mijin, a private blockchain software, and Zaif, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Tech Bureau recently launched a one-stop solution, “COMSA”, that provides companies with consultation, expertise, and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implementations of blockchain technology into their businesses.

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